Responsible for loading trucks with product safely and efficiently. Ensures correct product and quantity are loaded on the accurate trailer. Operates power equipment safely.



  • Inspects assigned jack for safety issues.
  • Turns on single and dual temp trailers refrigerator units at the proper times.
  • Loads trucks in sequence based on delivery schedule and routing using at least 5 load bars per route to ensure a secure delivery.
  • Distributes finished load sheets to the inside of the trailer, to the dispatcher, and to the driver.
  • Selects product on heavy nights or if understaffed.
  • Keeps area clean and debris out of work area during work hours.
  • Operates pallet jack in safe and efficient manner.
  • Reports to lead, supervisor or manager if there isn t enough work on the loading dock.
  • Removes debris and empty pallets from the dock upon completion of loading.
  • Reports any discrepancies in pallet counts, missing repack or unsound pallets to the lead, supervisor or manager.
  • Reports any violation of company policy to supervisor or lead
  • Perform duties in accordance with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) policies and procedures, as appropriate for location


  • Loading functions are completed in accordance with Company standards and procedures including
  • Quality standards and safety regulations.
  • Effective communication and coordination exist with Company personnel and with management. Assistance and support are provided as needed.
  • Deadlines are met.

Don't Be Fooled

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